What Is Love is a hybrid talk-blog-music project about guess what? - ha, LOVE. The project is meant to give an opportunity for anyone to share their love experiences freely, without judgement and the need to comfort social norms.

The missions of What Is Love is to understand what love means to New Yorkers of different ages, gender, race, religion, sexuality, and values. What Is Love will go beyond traditional notions of “love between two people of similar background” and provide an opportunity for people to define love in a way they understand and experience it.

Every other week a specific theme will be selected to showcase stories and discussions about strange, controversial, unconventional, funny, painful love experiences. We want to explore different aspects of love, aka love and age, love and money, love and gender, love and culture, love and generation, love and internet, love and fate, love and egoism, love and fear, love and drugs, love and habit, love and sex, etc. Anything else you'd like to discuss?

If you have a story to share or know someone who does, feel free to submit your idea here. After we review your application, you can submit the full story which will be featured on the site. Exciting, huh? This is not it. After we collect all stories on a subject, we will select a few authors to be guests at our bi-weekly live radio show on Radio Free Brooklyn. Here you will get a chance to tell your story on a radio and to provide your opinion to other guests or those who will be calling in. We will also have some love experts calling in to share their advice and perspectives. So cool, I know!






What Is Love's author -Sasha- has always been an observer, and people have always been her primary target of observation. (Yes, you can call her a stalker. Ouch) Back in summer of 2013, on a short trip to Cape Cod, Sasha went to the beach with intentions to get a sexy sun tan. While working hard on that task, she noticed an old couple sitting in beach chairs, facing the ocean and reading books. It was a beautiful sunny day in one of the most amazing places in the US, and the old couple in beach chairs were giving off such a peaceful vibe of love that Sasha thought “damn, that’s what love is” and couldn’t help but to take a photo of that moment. She posted it on Instagram with a #WhatIsLove. That’s how Sasha’s Instagram series #WhatIsLove was born. Later, Sasha created a separate WhatIsLove account. 

Since then, Sasha has been “stalking” people on the subway, parks, dog parks, beaches, shops, streets and other locations. Whenever she sees an inspiring moment of love, Sasha takes a photo of it. Through these photos, Sasha has been presenting love the way she sees is around. The What Is Love project intends to take this initiative to another level and give voice to people to define love and to share their love experiences.