Episode 5

Sasha Sugar interviews poly experts Leon Feingold and Sarah Elizabeth about jealousy (aka envyness, aka possessiveness, aka insecurity, aka...). Both guests share quite intimate stories about their experience with jealousy and compersion.

Anabelle, a Canadian poly-activist, calls in and shares her take on jealousy. Conversation then moves towards rules and agreements in polyamorous relationship. Sasha Sugar ignores a call from her ho-host Dusty Gavin, who wants to challenge Leon, because the show can't get any hotter...


Episode 4

Sasha Sugar invites Mischa Lin - a VP of Open Love NY - to reveal the truth about polyamory. Listen to this podcast to learn about history, essentials, and challenges of non-monogamous relationship.

Open your mind about open love. To be continued...


Episode 3

Sasha Sugar shares her recent one night stand experience which has inspired her for this theme. Then, she starts the juiciest chat with 2 love experts: Dusty (whose sassy voice you might have recognized from the previous show) and Liz (who is bored to death by your basicness) about hook ups, online dating creeps, sex, immediate connection, responsibility, and other hot topics.

All you have to do now is to listen to the podcast and to decide whether to Color or not.

Oh right, peeing on someone or being peed on is also quite an option.