What Is Love live radio show is hosted on the Radio Free Brooklyn every Sunday at 2 PM. Radio Free Brooklyn is a non-commercial community freeform Internet radio station, streaming original content by the artists and residents of NYC’s most populous borough 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Sasha (yeah, that's me) will be hosting the show and inviting guests who want to talk about their strange love experiences. If you want to participate in the show, you can either become a guest by submitting your story on our site or by calling in during broadcasting (718-928-9732). I want the podcast to be engaging, liberating and honest. Feel free to express your opinion and advice to our guest speakers. 

What Is Love will also provide an opportunity to find your potential loves aka missed connections. If you think you might have met your love on a train, coffee shop, art gallery, bike lane, bar, laundromat, escalator, etc. please call in during the What Is Love show and tell us about it. Who knows, maybe your mysterious connection will hear about your pain and call you back.

Finally, we will be playing groovy, sad and joyful love tunes during the show. Because love and music come hand in hand. If you have any suggestions on love songs, please email them to me. Also, during the show, you will be able to order a love song for your ex, present or future second half or another half that you love. Again, memorizing of the number 718-928-9732 will help you, I promise.

Exciting stuff, right? Looking forward to hear your story on a monthly What Is Love radio podcast starting in May. Spread the word, spread the love.